[Happy Birthday!] Street Fighter

Hello old games lovers,

This hot summer is driving you crazy? feel like you have the urgence to kick something or someone? Relax your nerves and pick up street Fighter! Why? Because today, August 30th, 1987 this milestone has been released for the arcade marked, so today we celebrate the 30th anniversary!

While this is not the more famous and more acclaimed Street Fighter II (which I had the fortune to purchase for a bargain a few days ago, I’ll cover this and other acquisitions in the future), is because of it that the most famous brawler of all time has not the success it deserves.

Happy birthday Street Fighter!!!

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  1. I have not played this game, but have been interested in it. I had always referred to the game I owned on the Mega Drive as Street Fighter, until I released I was actually playing a sequel. There are some references in the instruction manual to a previous tournament where Ryu defeated Sagat, but I have found very little mention of the original game anywhere. I look forward to your review of Street Fighter 2.
    What characters feature in the game? Is it very similar to the second game?

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