[Happy Birthday!] GoldenEye 007

Hello old games lovers,

There are some games that literally define a gaming console and in most of the cases for Nintendo console has always beed a Mario Title, or a Zelda game or something made by Nintendo. But when GoldenEye hit the market today, 20 years agoi, inh 1997 it became a major hit for the N64, maybe one of the most successfull non-Ninendo game. While the N64 trihorned controller may not be the best one to play FPS games, GoldenEye 007 quickly became a classic and its success still lasts today: it’s no coincidence that, to celebrate the 20th anniversary, rumors say Nintendo will release a more polished remastered verision of the game for the Switch.

So let’s celebrate GoldenEye and let’s all send an “Hello Bond” message to Pierce Brosnan!

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  1. Hello Bond. I have played this game. I remember it was a very popular and enjoyable game and I thought the controls were suitable for the controller. It is slightly strange that this game was so popular, despite not being one of the Nintendo franchises and being based on a film (which usually means the game is low quality). Unfortunately, I feel Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to be the defining game of the Nintendo 64 for me.
    Have you played the remake on the Wii? Did you enjoy it? Why was the game so popular?


  2. Beal says:

    I sunk so many hours of my youth into this game it’s embarrassing. Still love the game in all of its graphically challenged glory.

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