[Happy Birthday!] The Legend of Zelda

Hello old games lovers,

Let’s drop our hats, all of us. Today, 30 years ago the North America discovered for the first time one of the most legendary games of all time, The Legend of Zelda, released today, August 22nd, 1987.

What more I have to say about this game? It’s one of the most important RPGs of all time, it’s one of the defining games for NES, it spawned a swarm of sequels, the last of which hit the Nintendo Switch this year. I mean, really, it’s hard to say something new about it so let’s just celebrate its 30th anniversary and if you’re not lucky enought to have the original NES cartridge pick up you NES Mini and play it!

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  1. I have not played this game. I have enjoyed some of the later games in the series and have wondered what the original game was like. I feel a bit surprised that this game was so old (as I always thought games from the 1980s were much simpler) but it also seems logical (as there did seem to be a fashion for fantasy films at that time, which could have influenced the development of the game).
    Have you played this game? What was it like?

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    1. benez256 says:

      I’ve briefly played Zelda because I haven’t had it in the pas so I tried it on the NES Mini. Unfortunately without a map in my hand it’s difficult to play it!


  2. Matt says:

    Happy birthday indeed, and thanks for all the memories and moments.

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