[Happy Birthday!] Donkey Kong Jr.

Hello old games lovers,

Who said that Mario was a pacific italian plumber? Mario can be a badass too! In fact, after he captured Donkey Kong, probably destinated to one of those circus, not satisfied he tried to keep his hairy nemesis son away from his father. Donkey Kong has a soul, he’s not that evil and he’s got a child too. And it’s up to him to save his father from Mario.

After the great success of Donkey Kong, Nintendo released Donkey Kong Jr. in which Mario and Donkey trade places: Donkey is the victim, Mario the executioner. It’s a bit sad to see the ape inside a small cage while his son is one step away from bing captured too but the game was anyway another success and we’re celebrating its 35th anniversary, since it was released 35 years ago, in August 1982 and was after exported to North America where it arrived around August 20th.

The game, originally for the aracdes, was later ported on the home consoles and, of course, on the NES. The game is also featured in the NES Mini, along with the original Donkey Kong.

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