[Happy Birthday!] Double Dragon

Hello old games lovers,

Do you remember the first beat’em up you’ve played? Well, if you are “old” enough probably it was Double Dragon. I have bad (not so bad actually) news for you. You’re old for real! We celebrate this month the 25th anniversary of this wonderful game, released in July of 1987 for the arcade.

If you played it, you know why it’s an excellent game and if you played it with a friend you know why it’s a great great brawler! Its success was tremendous and it was ported almost everywhere, on the NES, on Sega, on the home computers of the time, like the ZX Spectrum and ther Commodore 64 and even on MS-DOS. It was also one of the 30 games featured in the NES Mini that came out last year.

For a great coincidence (or maybe it wasn’t a coincidence?) on the last Retro Gamer issue I’ve received it’s possible to read a piece about the DD saga.

So all hail to Double Dragon and happy birthday!

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  1. Also probably the best title screen song ever made.

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  2. Double Dragon on the Master System was one of the first games I fell in love with. Amazing fond memories!

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    1. benez256 says:

      I’vw played first the NES version and then the C64 version. Unfortunately I missed the MS port…


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