[Happy Birthday!] Star Fox 64

Hello old games lovers,

If you remember, after 1996, after the release of the N64, every game had a “64” version. There was Duke Nukem, and Deke Nukem 64, there was Quake and Quake 64, Mario and Mario 64. I could go on for hours but I don’t think it will be helpful. All this to say that today we celebrate another anniversary, that of Star Fox 64, released in America today, June 30th, 1997 for the (guess what?) Nintendo 64.

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  1. KingKoopa says:

    “Your father screamed REAL good before he DIED” will forever remain the darkest quote in a Nintendo game. Thanks, Pigma!

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    1. I used to say to my might (who was called Leon) I am the great Leon! (My name isn’t Leon).

      It endlessly annoyed him.

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      1. KingKoopa says:

        Seems like the whole Star Wolf clan had memorable one-liners. “CAN’T LET YOU DO THAT, STARFOX!”

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      2. Everyone has great lines, except Slippy. Screw that guy.

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  2. Daaaamn I loved this game. I even got the 3DS version. In fact, I even downloaded an emulated version (naughty I know) just so I could play it on PC with a flight stick.

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