Freshly delivered! – Retro Gamer Issue #168

Hello guys,

Finally, after a long long wait yesterday morning the last issue of Retro Gamer popped into my office. Actually is not the very last, which came out last week but the last for me…the May one…

Thi is one of the issues in which the main piece is not properly my kind of game. I’ve never been a huge Star Wars fan and as a consequence I’ve never plyed a lot of Star Wars titles and neither I’ve played Star Wars Rogue Squadron.

Luckily the guys from Retro Gamer always find some way to make me smile: there will be a great retrospective on the 20 essential MSX games, the 40th anniversary fo the Coomdore PET about which I’ve briefly talked about in one of my last posts, Imagine Software, Alien Breed which turned 25 last year and what a piece about the Sega SG-1000, the father of the Master system and the story of Half-Life 2.

So, in the end there will be a lot to read…

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  1. Mr. Wapojif says:

    I picked up the Super Mario Kart issue recently. Great to see tangible magazines do maintain some popularity.

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