[RetroPicks] Master System, Master Race

Hello guys,

Some times ago I stumbled upon some interesting auctions on Sega Master System games. It were some of these 1$ auction with no reserve price and with cheap shipping costs so I tried to get as many games as I could.

After four days of bidding, as you can imagine I’ve lost many auctions but I’ve even won a couple of them and I got some games for a few euros.

The first one is Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse. I’m not properly a Disney games fan, even if I loved some of their games, such as Aladdin for both MS-DOS and Mega Drive but I’ve always felt Disney games too much for kids, even when I was a kid. I’ve never tried Castle of Illusion before, but I’ve heard and read good things about it. One of the things I really don’t know about it is its real value. When I want to check this parameter, maybe to have a better idea when I’m biddig, I rely mainly on two sites, Price Charting and Rarity Guide. The problem in this case is that the first gives me a value of 33$ for a loose version, while the second of 10$. The difference is not insignificant and it can make the difference between a good deal and an incredible  stroke of luck. Anyway I’m not buying games to resell them and gain something but, even if it were the case, I’ve concluded a good deal since I got Castle of Illusions for 4€.

The second game is a more traditional and straightforward (and sometimes a bit stupid and repetitive, let’s say it) beat ’em up, Vigilante, a port of the arcade with the same name released in 1988, which I’ve bought for 7€. In this game is way too easy to hear the echo of Kung-Fu Master, of which Vigilante is considered as a sort of “spiritual” successor. Unfortunately the game hasn’t got the manual, but the cartridge and box are in good condition.


After a couple of days when I was in Mantova with my girlfriedn we entered in an hook shop, just to have a quick look. Usually these kind of shop doens’t have many games and if they di,m they only have PS2/PS3/Xbox sport titles, so games I definitely don’t need. However, a bit hidden behind a rusty pile of Xbox there was a pristine copy of Land of Illusion, another game that, depending on the website you check, has very different values (I’ve seen 10 as well as 40$). Since I’ve already bought Castle of Illusion I though it could have been a good idea to take even another title of the saga. The tag price was 9€ but, for an obscure reason the man there decided to cut it to 5€ without even asking it. Good for me!

For now that’s all folks, I hope I’m not getting too much boring with these repetitive posts anytime I find something, even two or three games.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Nah, keep em comin!


  2. I enjoy the stories about collecting old games and I find it interesting finding out what games are bought. I agree about the opinions about Disney games, I have not played many (except a few based on the films). The cover designs look quite retro, with the simple grid pattern and cartoony pictures.
    What is the Master system? How are these games played? Are they platformers? What are the graphics like?


  3. retroredress says:

    Always enjoy hearing about other people’s retro purchases, as I don’t have physical copies any more. Keep the updates coming!


  4. retroredress says:

    Always enjoy hearing what retro games people are buying, as I’m out of the game these days. Keep the updates coming!


  5. hungrygoriya says:

    I love these kinds of posts from you. I’m so happy to see your collection growing and expanding. I haven’t gotten any of the Mickey Mouse SMS games yet, but I hope to try them out some day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I check my collection every night before going to sleep, it’s there, near my bed 🙂 I’d like to complete the Mickey Mouse “trilogy” for Master System/Mega Drive but I still miss World of Illusion. And since I do not have a Game Gear I don’t have Legend of Illusion either…

      Liked by 1 person

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