[Happy Birthday!] Wolfenstein 3D

Hello old games lovers,

Today is a great day for gaming historians because exactly today in 1992, hence 25 years ago, one of the most influential FPSs of all time or better one of the most influential games of all time has been released. We’re talking about id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D, published by Apogee (if you want to read more about Apogee, you can check here).

Even though existed a Castle Wolfenstein title before, and even though that Wolfestein was quiteb a revolutionary games since it was one of the first “stealth” games. Wolfenstein 3D marks a mnilestone in gaming, that split history in two: 2D games before W3D and 3D games after.

There were obviously other 3D titles before; take for example the first vector graphic games that were in the end, primitive 3D games (maybe not so primitive if we consider some arcade titles such as Star Wars), but omong the FPS, Wolf is worshipped like a pagan god and its influence is still perceivable even today. It introduced (or popularized) a lot key featured of the genre, such as the HUD, the weapon inventory, the first person visual with the weapon of choice clearly visible etc…

So let’s play it once again and if you’ve never done it, do it quickly!

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  1. The sound really sold me on it too. I just had to get (read: beg my dad for) a sound card after hearing all those great sound effects and MEIN LEBENs!

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  2. thedeviot says:

    LOVE Wolf-3D. One of the most fun games I played in high school. I still go back to it, and the excellent spiritual successor Rise Of The Triad quite often.

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    1. benez256 says:

      I loved and still love it too! I played only a few times Rise of the Triad but I tried almost all the FPS based on Wolf engine…


  3. Mr. Panda says:

    I’ve never played Wolfenstein 3D, but I know it’s an important part of gaming history and culture, so a big Happy Birthday to it!

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    1. benez256 says:

      You have to try it. This should be in the curriculum of every gamer! 😀

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      1. Mr. Panda says:

        Haha! I might try it sometime, but I will admit that it’s not really in the kind of genre I enjoy, which is probably how I’ve avoided it for so long. Thanks for the recommendation though! 😀

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      2. benez256 says:

        I understand. It was the same for me for 8-bit platformers but considering the last games I’ve bought I can say I’m trying to change the trend…😉

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      3. Mr. Panda says:

        That’s awesome! It’s always great to try new genres. I guess I just have an aversion to games with shooting. It’s probably just me, haha.

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      4. benez256 says:

        I hate shooting, but I love FPSs, I don’t know why! 😀

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      5. Mr. Panda says:

        Haha, I think I’m just really bad at FPSs, and believe me, I tried. Hahaha!

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      6. benez256 says:

        I’m an amatorial player but I think this is the genre that suits me the most…

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  4. I have played this game. I remember playing a demo on an Acorn computer. It was interesting to play in a 3D environment and having to aim a gun to fight enemies.
    What was the original game like? Why is this game influential? What new features were introduced in this game that were used in later games? I remember playing a demo of Wolfenstein 3D #2, which closely resembled this game, except the Nazi enemies were replaced by characters from Street Fighter 2, along with some of the decorations. Was this game actually released?


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