[RetroComputers] Amiga 600

HAL-lo guys,

If some of you was born in 1992, during the month of March…well you have to know you’re in good company.

This month in 1992 the Amiga A600, the “June Bug” joined the Commodore family. Son of the Amiga 500 and Amiga 500 Plus, the A600, was released to boost the sales of the low consumer range and was available in two versions, one for the PAL region and one for the NTSC region. An HD version was also available with an internal hard disk This was also the first Amiga to be produced in the UK, in Irvine (Scotland).

Was launched in Italy at the price of 800000 liras (roughly 720€ today) so we can consider it a good low range computer, considering I remember my parents paid almost 1500000 liras for my first 286 in 1994 (so roughly 1300€ today).

Technical Specs:

CPU: Motorola 68000 a 7,09 o 7,16 MHz



ROM: 512 KB


Drive bay: FDD 3,5″ DS/DD (built-in), FDD 2,5″

Peripherals: Mouse

OS: Amiga OS 2.05

I remember only one of my friends actually had an Amiga, but sincerely I don’t remember which one. It was like 1994-95 so it’s possible that was the A600 but I can’t quite put my finger on it. However did some of you own an Amiga, especially the A600? I would be very curious to hear from you some anecdote and stories about it, since it will be long before I could put my hands on one of them…unless you don’t wat to give me one for free………

Byte Byte!

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  1. Oh oh, me me! Not this model though – sadly I’m not sure which one exactly, might have been an Amiga 2000. Had it well into the late nineties, I remember being thoroughly disappointed that it couldn’t run Quake.

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