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Rayman was one of the games originally released for the disastrous Atari Jaguar, the console thap put the tombstone over Atari experience in the hardware world. Despite of the problems of the console, Rayman was and still is a great game, with brilliant graphics that started a long saga (the last chapter is Rayman Legends, dated 2013) and a spin-off saga, the Rabbids one, maybe even more popular than the original title.

My heart says…


My first encounter with Rayman was in 1996, after the Win95 version was released. At the time I had a 286 with almost zero MB of space on the HD and with 4MB of RAM and Rayman was waaaaay too expensive for the capacity of my disk and out of RAM. When I finally upgraded my boneshakerto doubling the RAM I was finally able to play Rayman (obviously aftere deleting everything I had on the disk to leave all the space for the game) and at the time looked like the game of the future: the best graphics I’ve ever seen, lot of bright colors a detail that for me was like UltraHD. The problem was that my copy of the game used to crash after a few minutes, never knew why…

So in the end Rayman it was a challenge (a lost challenge) until I had a decent laptop and I rediscovered it. I remember I played it night and day, devouring every single level to satisfy my old hunger to complete it. At the end of the day I remember myself with red eyes unable to distinguish the reality from the game.

My thirst for Rayman was finally over.

Splash screen


It’s hard to compare the splash screen with the beautiful things we see in the game. Actually the first screens and the menu are quie easy and not so well-finished. It’s a shame that a game so polish and so high detailed has such a meagre introduction.




It may sound too much but when I first laid my eyes on Rayman I thought no game could have ever beat those graphics. They were so colorful and so detailed in every single aspect it looked like a painting. Maybe it was also because I used to play old games even back then and I had a 286 PC that wasn’t strong enough to run Rayman but for me these visuals have always been a dream.



We have to say it. Apart from the ordinary plot of the hero that has to save his planet, we have here the interesting idea of Protoons and Electoons. Since I’m a physics lover (and I was it back then even if I merely knew that an atom was composed by proton, electrons and neutrons) I find cool the thiong that to re establish the order in Rayman planet he has to free the Electoons to “stabilize” Protoon. Is it possible that Rayman gave an importan contribute to my decision to study physics in the spare time?



In 1995 I was 10 years old, so not a grown man but for sure not a toddler. And to me Rayman has always had the taste of a game for young children. Not that I wanted blood, weapons and naked bitches but this was too easy and too…let’s say watered down. No particular challenges, just need a bit of patience to clear all the stages. Even the boss fights are rather easy so this is not a game that blows your mind.


Rayman has to go through 6 different worlds in order to rescue all the Electoons and defeat Mr. Dark. Step by step his ability will improve: at first rayman can only walk, jump anc douch but, everytime he meets Betilla the fairy he learns additional techniques, such as the telescopic punch or the ability to hang on the cliffs or simply run.

Nothing particularly new, but everything is dressed with lovely graphics so, whi cares about the easy gameplay…



This is one of the most appreciated features of the game back then. Unfortunately I disovered Rayman Sound years after the first time I played it since my PC had a chronical problem with the sound card (I remember that the day I finally had the Sound Blaster card I spent a whole day listening to the music and even to the background Windows effects), but the first time I listened to the music and sound effect I nderstood why this department was so prased back then. You can even hear violins in background!



Rayman is not a long game and neither is hard. It’s an honest game, a game that entertrains you, that gives you some hassle sometimes but it’s not impossble to beat. You should give it a try.

Final score 78/100


Year: 1995

Developer: Ludimedia

Publisher: Ubisoft

Genre: Platform

Game Mode: Single Player

Original Platform: Atari Jaguar, PlayStation, later ported on MS-DOS and Sega Saturn

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. In terms of graphics, the original Rayman still holds up pretty well today. That art style just doesn’t seem to age.

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  2. I have played this game. The version of the game I played was on the Sega Saturn and it was a very difficult game. I have never seen the game after the first few levels of the Picture City world because one level featured a double row of sharp pencils which required the player to do a rolling jump, with very specific timing, to reach the end of the row without being hit. I agree with the other points described. The bright colours and light music gave a very whimsical feel to the game and the themes of the different worlds was also interesting. I never thought of the prootons and electoons resembling electrons and protons, it is interesting that you described how, as someone interested in physics, this increases your interest in the game. I was also impressed with the graphics when first playing the game, not only was the background as detailed as a painting, the visual effects at the end of each level seemed to be impressive and funny.
    I have never heard of the Atari Jaguar, what is it? How does the game develop with later games in the series? Does it ever explain what Ray-Man is and why he has no arms?

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    1. benez256 says:

      Thanks a lot for the reply and I’m glad you agree with my opinions. Actually I never discovered why Rayman has no arms and no legs but I’ve always wondered why. Regarding the Jaguar it was the last console released from Atari. In comparison to the PlayStation 1 it was even better, in terms of performance but was afflicted by long loading times, a very poor library of games and one of the most awful controllers of all time. Unfortunately for atari wasn’t a good period, especially after the insuccess of Atari Lynx, outscored by Game Boy and even by Game Gear. Sadly the Jaguar was the last item Atari branded before they went out of business.


  3. Mr. Panda says:

    Nice review! Your love for Rayman comes across so clearly. It’s indeed a graphically beautiful game that has led to later pretty HD games. I haven’t played the original version of Rayman, but I played the GBA port back in the day. I think the character is very charming and deserves more praise than the Rabbids that everyone seems to like. My first Rayman experience was actually Rayman 64 (or Rayman 2: The Great Escape), which made me appreciate the limbless hero.

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    1. benez256 says:

      I’ve only played the first game. It was so visually perfect I’ve never wanted to try any other!

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  4. I never knew that Rayman’s first game was on the Jaguar! Even though the Jaguar wasn’t very good, I still wish I had one! My husband had one when he was younger, and he still regrets selling it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      I would like to have a Jaguar too but it’s very expensive, and the games are pricey as well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know 😦 It sucks!

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