[Coming of Age] SimCity 3000


SimCity 3000, member of the successful Maxis’ SimCity franchise turns 18th today, having been released in 1999.

He’s like the unlucky sibling in the SimCity family: there’s  SimCity, born in 1989, the old and wise brother, there’s SimCity 2000, which came out in 1994, younger and more appealing and then there’s SimCity 4, the youngest and the smartest, released in 2003. SimCity 3000 stands halfway, is almost like SimCity 4 but doens’t have the success of SimCity 2000. However it’s a great game, with wonderful graphics and was a huge improvement from the acclaimed predecessor.

So let’s give a bit of prestige also to him and let’s celebrate!

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  1. rakanalysis says:

    I suppose a problem with SimCity 3000 was that until it was re-released by GOG.com, it was a massive pain to get running on any modern OS. I bought a cheap hard copy of it a few months before the re-release and had to go through a big rigmarole with VirtualBox running Windows XP to get the game to start properly. That could be a contributing factor, along with the ubiquity of SimCity 4, to its lack of popularity.

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    1. benez256 says:

      Yes, it’s possible. It suffered the competition with SimCity 2000 and SimCity 4…


  2. 3000 is my favourite in the series, except the new one. I actually liked the new one!

    I loved the landmarks, it was such a cool addition for me

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