[Coming of Age] Baldur’s Gate


Hello old games lovers,

Today will turn 18 a game I’m particulary fond to, Baldur’s Gate, released today, December 21st in 1998.

Baldur’s Gate was the first RPG I got in touch with back in the days. It was the period in which (at least among my friends) RPGs were a smash hit and BG shared the throne with Diablo, the other big hit of the decade. I’ve always loved more Baldur’s Gate, even if I’ve never beat it (I still suck with RPGs, shame on me…) since I find it graphically more accurated, even if I’m not a fan of the hyper-ultra-super-giga HD, and wonderful in the descriprions and in the layout. I remember I passed ebtire days just reading all the informations regarding the weapond, the spells and the items. It remembered a lot the D&D Player’s Handbook (one of the book I love the most, and not only among the games-related ones…).

One day maybe I will resurrect my bard Eoghan (yes, I loved irish and Gaeilge even in the roaring 90s) and try finally to complete Shadows od Amn and Throne of Baal.

Should you have something to share about it, share it!

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  1. Mr. Panda says:

    Happy Birthday Baldur’s Gate! I haven’t played the original, but have enjoyed some of its sequels and spinoffs. I respect the old-school western RPG and can hardly believe it’s already 18!

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    1. benez256 says:

      I played this and the first sequel…it’s the RPG I love the most…

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  2. Love this game, its follow up even more. David Warner as Irenicus was flawless casting.

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