[Happy Birthday!] Kid Icarus


Hello old game lovers,

Today we pay homage to Kid Icarus, released 30 years ago, on December 19th, 1986. This mix of Metroid, Zelda and Super Mario Bros. even if it wasn’t worldwide well received has became a classic, probably for its playability, very similar to Metroid, with which also shares one of the bosses. Since I haven’t got the fortune to play it if not a couple of times I would like to ask you your opinions…and if some of you has the original cartridge to sell I’m here! 🙂

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  1. This is one I wanted as a kid but never got. I’m glad it made a comeback and I got a chance to play it as an adult!

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    1. benez256 says:

      If I can put my hands on a NES Mini this will be one of the first games I will play…

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  2. Matt says:

    I wish my NES Classic Edition had arrived already. Playing Kid Icarus there would be a great way to celebrate this date!

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    1. benez256 says:

      I’m still waiting for the NES mini too! 😐

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  3. One of the hardest NES games out there! My cousin was the only person I ever saw beat it in real life, and I was terrified of Medusa at that age. I’ve seen a couple of awesome Let’s Plays of it. The music is so good. I still listen to it today.

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    1. benez256 says:

      I think during the Christmas holidays I will try to beat it. So you’ll know two persons who made it…:)

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      1. Yes! I hope you do. It’s a great game and definitely exemplifies how challenging the ones of that era often were.

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      2. benez256 says:

        You’re right! Now playing it on NES Mini or on an emulator (unfortunately I don’t have the original NES cartridge…) will be for sure less “poethic”, since you’ll have the possibility to save, but If I will start my “Kid Icarus campaign” I will play it like I were back in the days, so thumbs on the controller and no save/load. It will be definitely challenging…

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      3. If you decide to stream it on Twitch or elsewhere, let us know! I’d love to watch that 🙂

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      4. benez256 says:

        I’ll do it!

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  4. Mr. Panda says:

    Happy Birthday Kid Icarus! Many thanks to Sakurai for bringing you back in top form!

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