[Playthrough] Europa Universalis IV – Part VI

Playthrough – Part VI – Tit for tat

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the sixth part of my Europa Universalis IV playtrhough.

After conquering the whole italian peninsula and the Sicily and after a deserved periodo of peace to neutralize all the revolts, improve my technology and making cxore provinces everywhere I ended up with a great nations, militarily advanced but above all with a huge economic power. My finances now are up to 10thousand ducats (while other nations struggle to stay around 600) even if I have a fully updated army of 45k units. Te key to the success were high stability, core provinces everywhere and Temples/Constables in all the provinces: this way every single corner of my former Republic, now Kingdom produce a lot of goods and especially a great surplus that goes straight to my treasury at the rate of 40-50 ducats PER MONTH. Which is no mean feat.

But suddenly Austria decided to declare war against me, always with its huge diplomatic power, since it took on its side all the HRE, Savoy, Spain and France (oh god, I hate France…). While Spain decided to stay within their territories without sending a single man in Italy and Savoy was easy to defeat, the main enemies were France and Austria.

The french are always at war with the rest of the world so they didn’t pay so many attentions on Italy and I think they only send some money to Austria to pay the war. So it was a face to face on the Alps against the austrians. After a couple of lost battles I stroke back and using a “Claw tactic”, attacking on one side and after a few weeks on the other side with another army, leveraging on the weak morale of enemy’s army, I defeated all of their troops, so I started to wonder undisturbed in their territory capturing provinces.

…and now Trento, Gorz and Tyrol are mine!

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