[Happy Birthday!] Alien Breed


Hello old games lovers,

In this last month of the year there are a lot of games that will celebrate some important anniversaries, and one of them is Alien Breed, released for Amiga in 1991 (not 1996 as I first wrote – thanks to Stevie Gill for this correction).

Developed and published by Team 17, better known for the Worms saga (I discussed a couple of weeks ago about Worms 2), this was maybe the first hit for the british firm and it was later ported in 1993 on MS-DOS. It’s a top-down shooting game with sci-fi elements as the name suggest and it was wery well praised by the critics.

Have you got a good experience with it? Have you ever played? You love it? Hate it? Let me know!

See ya!

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  1. I remember playing a shareware version of it repeatedly but never had the full game. I’ve played the remake, it’s alright but takes itself too seriously.


  2. steviegill (cakeisaliegaming) says:

    Erm… I think you mean 1991, which would make it the 25th anniversary 🙂

    I loved Alien Breed, it was a great game for the time and a lot of fun in co-op mode – a nice update/re-working of the Gauntlet formula. The sequels Alien Breed 2 and Tower Assault have aged much better though, the first game was just far too hard as the Aliens never stop spawning, even from areas you’ve just cleared, and you can’t walk backwards and shoot; the sequels also benefited from better graphics (AGA) and more open game design. But all three games feature amazing music from Alistair Brimble, who released an album a few years back (Amiga Works) with updated/modernised versions of all his best Amiga compositions. Still fab to listen to after all these years!

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    1. steviegill (cakeisaliegaming) says:

      Oh and did you know that the sound the aliens make when they die is actually based on a sample of Alister Brimble’s cat 🙂

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      1. benez256 says:

        Whoa, I didn’t know it, thanks for the tip! 🙂


    2. benez256 says:

      Oh, gosh, sorry, it was a typo 😉 thanks for the precisation, I will correct it immediately. I’ve only played the first Alien Breed, not the sequels but I remember it was very hard!


      1. steviegill (cakeisaliegaming) says:

        I never managed to complete the first game without cheats, but me and a friend completed the two sequels. Tower Assault is the best game though – it’s the most polished and the gameplay and environments are a lot more varied, plus there are multiple pathways through the game based on which buildings you enter.

        Alien Breed 3D and its sequel are basically Doom clones. Alien Breed 3D II is not a bad game, but you needed an upgraded Amiga 1200 or 4000 back in the day to run at a decent screen size and frame rate. Of course, that’s not a problem these days if you run it via emulation.

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