[Playthrough] Europa Universalis IV – Part V

Playthrough – Part V – The world is not enough

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the fifth part of my Europa Universalis IV playtrhough. In the last post I told you about my conquest of northern Italy, but for a Republic full of history and prestige such as Venice and for my dreams of conquest that was not enough.

Italy is one and goes from the Alps to Sicily, so I didn’t need other state to stop my way south. So, after a period of peace to manage my overextension, improve my military skills and enforce my army I decided to look at the heart of the peninsula:


They weak forces and their fragile alliance with some weak states, such as some HRE kingdoms were a good prey for me, since the Emperor at the moment was the Elector for the Palatinate: slightly more than a fly for me.

So I decided to go for the war, even without a strong and useful alliance with Bohemia, The Knights and Portugal, confident in the strenght of my army, in the loyalty of my population and in the isolation of my enemy and its poor troops. So I immedialtely occupied their two provinces defeating all their armies, leaving the rest of my Republic undefended, knowing that the poor forse of the Palatinate could have done nothing  against me.

When the war was almost over and I was almost about to sign an heavy peace, with the annexation of the Holy See, I had an unexpected request from one of my allies, Portugal which decided to reconquest part of the provinces that Spain conquered the years before. Nothing could have been better than this: having the opportunity to immediately extend my state more southern.

So even if it was a dangerous gamble I decided to go for it but this time instead of pour all my forces in all their provinces I cleverly opted for leaving a small garrison in just one province and leaving the rest of the army in a safe place in case of a sudden spanish attack. My choice turned out to be incredibly incisive: suddenly a large group of spaniards have begun to climb up Italy, direction Rome, where I was waitng for them.

They started the battle and I was almost sure I might have been defeated but with my surprise after a catastrophic beginning, my infantry stroke back and they incredibly defeated the enemies. At this point I had the opportunity to completely destroy them so I chase them and in only one day I annihilate the rest of their troops. Now the peninsula was free of enemies and slowly, in about 2-3 years I conquered all the remaining provinces, Sicily included.

But the best thing was that at the end of the war and after the peace I had the cvhance to unlock the mission to “Create Italy2 so, even legally, my Republic of Venice became Italian Kingdom.

And now that the peninsula was all mine the only limit to my power should have been only the Atlantic…

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