[Playthrough] Europa Universalis IV – Part III

Playthrough – Part III – Expanding the territory or Hungary and Florence you’ve been warned!

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the third part of my Europa Universalis IV playtrhough. Last week my plans were to attack Austria after their tremendous defeat against France. But history can change in a second and Austria elected the new Emperor so it had the right to defend all the provinces within the borders of HRE and protect a lot of nations.

So bad news for me since my plans were to invade Florence and Ferrara. The protection of the now hyper powerful Austria shattered my dreams of conquest so I had to wait patiently and turn my eyes on something else.

At first I even thought that maybe a short period of peace would have been a good idea to fix the situation, impropve the stability and spend some money in the constructions of temples and constables to improve the taxation but I knew this purpose wouldn’t last: this game tries in every way to make you wish to starty a war.

So I looked east on Hungary, big but not so powerful and after claiming one of their provinces I took the opportunity to start a war, since Austria was busy in other like 10 different conflicts agains the whole Europe. When I proved the ability of my armies against a big state I was pleased to see that hungarians were terrified so I could easily conquer 3 of their provinces and defeat them in numerous battles. In the end, during the peace talks I was satisfied to acquire the province I claimed and a big bag of money.

Since the destiny I choose for Venice is to reign over all the italian peninsula I’m just waiting the perfect moment to attack all of my neighbohors, strangely tied together in a powerful coalition together with austria and the HRE (this actually never happened in history, the italian states were always fghting each others).

The first step will be the annexation of Mantua, my vassal from more than 10 years, trustful ally and in good relation with me: a province where taxes and goods will be a boost for my finances. After acquiring Mantua the next step I think will be attack Florence (always looking carefully on the international situation, I don’t want to be thrown in a war against all the most powerful european nations) and maybe Ferrara and the Holy See. If I could benefit from a busy Austria and a uninterested France maybe during a single war I would conquest 4-5 provinces together. Noto so good for my overextension but surely good to enlarge my little Republic…

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