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I don’t do anything to keep fit. I can lose weight motor racing (J. Clark)

Now Formula 1 it’s an hyper boring sport, we have to admit it; but before it was funny and exciting and almost every race was filled with emotions and battles between the drivers. But there was a time, even before, before the aerodynamics started to rule the F1 world, when cars had no wings, no driving aids and everything a team needed to be to become great was a great driver. The last year before the itroduction of the wings was 1967 and this is the set of one of the greatest F1 games ever made, Grand Prix Legends.

My hearts says…


Put together a huge F1 fan, an history and F1 history lover, the swingin’ 60’s set, marvellous cars, the best tracks ever made for F1 in their original configuration among which the original 14 Km Spa Francorchamps and the immortal 23 Km Nürburgring Nordschleife.

What’s the result? A solid 10/10. Nothing more to say.

Splash screen


One of the most beautiful feature of GPL is the introductive menu. The background with images of old F1 races and the big face of “Old Fox” Jack Brabham are some heart-melting gems for the fans. Thubs up also for the original Grand Prix Posters. Awesome!




We’ve seen better games in 1998. but even worse games. The graphic detail is acceptable and in the end the visual department works good. The carshapes are all the same or so they looks like but it’s always great to see the different colours of all the teams. Pure nostalgia.






Grand Prix Legends it’s a hard game, deal with it. It’s difficult even with the easiest difficulty level. It’s difficulto because it’s hard to make the perfect carset when in the usual F1 games the first thing you do is to regulate the wings. It’s hard because it was hard to drive in 1967 and the game is very realistic. You can enjoy it even with the keyboard but if you have a driving wheel you HAVE TO try GPL because with a sensible wheel, with a manual gearbox and threee pedals (throttle, brake and clutch) this game it’s a wonderful driving experience. It gonna make you sweat because you feel the car going everywhere, becuase when you’re about to enter in a corner and you start to brake and to steer you don’t know if you’ll be able to stay on the track since you’ re driving a thing that feels like a pendulum.


My favourite track was Monza and I tried several times to set the car at its best and check the lap times comparing them with the real lap times of the qualifications of Italian GP 1967: my best result was 5th row, 13th place, even if I was driving a Lotus, the best team that year. I’ve alway been quite good in F1 games but this was will always remain a great challenge for me.

After all this you can understand that GPL it’s a game only for big fans and not for everybody.



The sound lacks a bit. It’s quite repetitive and there’s no music (even if we don’t miss it in a game like this). However the sounds of the engines are good and hearing their noises it’s a fundamental part of the driving skill required to play Grand Prix Legends



High, very high. Not only because in a racing game every race is different, but also because to handle properly your car you’ll need hours and hours of practice. This won’t be a good news for the arcade style racing game lovers, where you don’t need any particular skill, but for purists this is 24k gold!

Final score 88/100


Year: 1998

Developer: Papyrus

Publisher: Sierra

Genre: Racing

Game Mode: Single Player

Original Platform: Windows

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  1. Sold! Can’t wait to try this one out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      You have to! It’s quite difficult if you’re used to traditional F1 games but when you finally start to win races you’ll be more than satisfied!


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