[Playthrough] Europa Universalis IV – Part II

Playthrough – Part II – Go West! or the battle for Milan

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the second part of my Europa Universalis IV playtrhough. Last week I was fighting with the Ottomans for the control over a vast area of the dalmatian coast from Istria to Albania, down to Morea. Well what it seemed to be a difficult challenge turnd out to be easy.

The problem is that you never have to underestimate the Ottomans: after they finished all the wars they were involved in, they have the brilliant idea to concentrate all their military power against me, with both land and naval units. The moment I saw 30K angry ottomans with high morale, willing to reconquest all the provinces I satole them it was quite scary. My meagre 6-7K soldiers weren’t enough to win against them so I wisely thought about peace talks. Fortunately, even if they weren’t so keen to sign a peace treaty, my allies gave me a huge hand so I was able to sign a white peace.

Very sadly I had to give up on my purpose to obtain Ragusa and its important trade node. maybe next century…

Having been stopped on the East, I turned my eyes West, where Milan was struggling to survive after the french invasion. France had already taken a huge slice af milanese territory whilst working for a vast scalke expansion campaing agains Swiss, Savoy and Genoa. After the two went to peace I waited just a few months to buind a good army and I immediately declared war to Milan.

I know, it was a jackal move, but all’s fair in love and war!

The undefenderd milanese duchy was at my feet in the span of a spring, so I could finally get Parma and Cremona which I claimed a couple of years before.

All of my allies and friends were a bit upset but that wasn’t a pèroblem, I can rely on the great diplomatic tradition of Venice and during the peace I will work to improve my relations, especially with France which looks like the biggest power of the region right now, especially after they ravaged horribly all the austian provinces. But this could work for me in the future maybe. A weak Austria beyond my bounadies could be a good prey for me…

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  1. I think I’m going to enjoy reading this series! Good luck!

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    1. benez256 says:

      Thanks! It’s harder that what I thought but it’s an intriguing challenge!

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      1. A couple of friends on Steam post pictures of their games. I think I’d enjoy it but the games would run much too long for me.

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