[Editorial] Now Playing: Europa Universalis IV

Hello old game lovers,

Yesterday morning I decided to re-install my old loved Europa Universalis II, one of the greatest strategy game ever made. If you haven’t played it but you love strategy and historical background, you reeeeally have to try it.

EU2 is one of the most famous Paradox Interactive (formerly Paradox Entertrainment) games, a swedish company well-known for their real-time strategy games, like the series of Hears of Iron, Crusader Kings and Victoria.

I love strategy games, Risiko was one of my favourite board games and I’m crazy about history. I still have my history books from the high school on my night table (all of them in mint conditions, since for me the books are sacred!), and often I still read them as they were novels (I know, it look strange and sick but that’s me!).

For this reason EU2 is one of my favourite games: all those nations, 400 years of play, war, peace, trade, everything! However I decided to put aside a bit of my love for old games and I installed Europa Universalis IV (still quite old but for an old fart like me it’s more or less brand new!) so these days I think I will put all my efforts in deeply understanding it. The base is like it is in EU2 but there are so many improvement and so many extra features that you can lose your head on it so I have to understand carefully every aspect of the game to fully enjoy it. I saw there are a lot of parameteres, numbers and things to set and to be aware of but I know I will succed to manage all of them.

So if you have any tips or clues or if you are crazy about this game let me know, maybe we can play together!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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