[Coming of Age] Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Hello old games lovers!

Today will turn 18 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, release exactly today, August 21st, 1998!

This is just one of the many Tom Clancy’s game and the first title of the Rainbow Six saga that, as of today, features 18 different games and expansions, being the last Rainbow Six Siege (2015).

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  1. I miss the tactical set up aspect of the original games. The later ones just turned into cover based shooters, which were good don’t get me wrong, but they lost something by removing the planning phase.

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  2. Mitico Rainbow Six. tanti auguri ^_^
    Io l’ho conosciuto tardi, ma fra Lockdown e Vegas 2 ci ho passato davvero tanto tempo. Sono missioni molto difficili ma la giocabilità è splendida: davvero un bel titolo.

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    1. benez256 says:

      Devo mettermi sotto e rigiocarlo dal’inizio con serietà…

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      1. Sarebbe bello, ma quando mi sono abituato alla grafica e al gameplay di un titolo non riesco a tornare indietro: mi sembra tutto troppo “vecchio” 😀

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