[Editorial] When Computer became Personal. Hail to IBM-PC!

Hello old games lovers,

Sorry for being late to the party, friday form me is the worst day of the week with my job so I didn’t have time to write anything.

Yesterday, August 12th was a great anniversary on the world of computers since August 12th, 1981 the world discovered IBM-PC, the first “Personal” Computer which therefore is now 35 years old. Actually even 1972 Xerox Alto was namesd “Personal” but the extraordinary success of the PC-IBM threw his predecessor into the oblivion.


Regarding the success here are just a few numbers: the hyper-popular Sinclair ZX80 sold 70000units, while PC-IBM sold more than 200000 units. It was so successfull that in a short while were produced tons of clones, the IBM-PC compatible

The computer had its debut in NY the same year Reagan became President, the same year Mario made his first appearance in Donkey Kong as Jumpman and the same year Simon & Garfunkel made their biggest concert in Central Park (I loved that concert!). With a “wow” price of 1500$ (more than 3000$ today, but my calculations could be wrong…) you could get the incredible performances of the mithologic 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 processor with 16 kB RAM (but upgradeable up to 256 kB).

Unfortunately I’m too young and I’ve never worked on an IBM-PC but I will appreciate for you to comment with your stories and your thoughts about this little diamond in the PC history. Even because he’s the “P” of the PCs…

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  1. I was born the year before that! I *may* have used one of them in grade school. I certainly recall the IBM label and the big (literally) floppy disks where we were warned not to touch the middle part.

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    1. benez256 says:

      It’s possible, in the US IBM-PC became the standard in the schools (I think it worke with 5,25″ floppy, the “soft” ones). In Italy instead, during the informatic laboratory in the late 90’s we still used C64 (………)

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