[Editorial] Amiga comeback

archive Amiga

The news actually is not so fresh, having been pressed a couple of days ago but I haven’t had the time to post it.

Seems that on archive.org at this address more than 10k Amiga titles have been posted, playable directly on your browser.

I know what you Amiga purists are going to say, this is not real Amiga, this is not even an emulator. You’re right, old games to be REALLY enjoyable have to be played on the original platform, even because we live in a console revival era so it’s a bit easier than before to purchase one (at least you can find more now than in the last decade).

But really, do you know how many games are 10000? If you count from 1 to 10000, a number per second you’ll spend more than 2h45′; if you play one game a day you’ll “waste” more than 27 years! And you won’t even have the time to complete a game!!!

I love the job they’re doing on archive, especially after they released the MS-DOS games pack along with Arcade and Atari ones.

Well, I have something to do during the holidays…


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  1. mazbott says:

    Whats your favourite title if you ever played?

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    1. benez256 says:

      Difficult to say. I had a PC and I played Amiga only with friends who had it. I remeber we played a lot with The Settlers…


    2. meta2600 says:

      Defender of the Crown was awesome (castle seige game)

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      1. benez256 says:

        Never played unfortunately. I just gave it a look at looks like a game for me. I will definitely try it! 🙂


  2. itsonlyleggy says:

    Shame the beta period has finished and they’ve taken everything down. Hope it comes back up at some point, it would have been a useful way to test out new games!

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    1. benez256 says:

      I look forward to it!


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