[Editorial] I need your RETRO help!

Hi guys! I’m having a quick break from the holidays by the sea and since I have a stable and strangely fast internet connection I’m finally able to see what happened in this last week. I spent a lot of time to read all the articles posted lately and they made me realize I definitely…

I ❤ Old Games goes on holiday!

Hello everybody, So, finally the time has come. After a long year summer is here again, even though actually is almost finished, and for me this means two weeks of holidays! Time to go to the sea again, se the old friends, having a barbecue outside. Time to relax. Working all year without any pause,…

[Coming of Age] Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Hello old games lovers! Today will turn 18 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, release exactly today, August 21st, 1998! This is just one of the many Tom Clancy’s game and the first title of the Rainbow Six saga that, as of today, features 18 different games and expansions, being the last Rainbow Six Siege (2015). Follow I ❤…

[RetroConsole] The F Factor: Fairchild Channel F

It was the hot August of 1976… Actually I don’t know if the August of 1976 was hot or cold, but this is a romanticized way to start this post dedicated to the console that started the second era in 1976, the Fairchild Channel F. Before the name Channel F the Fairchild console was known…

[Happy Birthday!] Super Mario World

Hello old games lovers! Let’s all say “Hapy Birthday” to Super Mario World, release exactly today 25 years ago, August 19th, 1991! Follow I ❤ Old Games! on Facebook!

[Review] Car & Driver

REVIEW # 00000000 00100011 Nothing comes close to it in terms of graphics, landscaping and sensation of speed

[Happy Birthday!] Starflight

Hello old games lovers! Let’s all say “Hapy Birthday” to Starflight , release exactly today 25 years ago, August 15th, 1986! This was one of the first and most important sanbox games ever released and it can be considereed the grandfather of No Man’s Sky.  

[Editorial] When Computer became Personal. Hail to IBM-PC!

Hello old games lovers, Sorry for being late to the party, friday form me is the worst day of the week with my job so I didn’t have time to write anything. Yesterday, August 12th was a great anniversary on the world of computers since August 12th, 1981 the world discovered IBM-PC, the first “Personal”…

[Review] Balance of Power

REVIEW # 00000000 00100001 You have ignited a nuclear war. And no, there is no animated display of a mushroom cloud with part of bodies flying through the air. We do not reward failure.