[Coming of Age] Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

Hello old games lovers! Today will turn 18 Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, release exactly today, July 31st, 1998! Any experience you want to share about his game in which we find one of the most upsetting character of all time (and he’s not even a villain): guess who he is… Advertisements

Freshly delivered! – Retro Gamer Issue #157

Another month another issue! This time I don’t want to spoil anything to myself, so I don’t wat to read the summary of the volume and wait to see page after page what’s interesting in #157. I know for sure it will talk about the 20th annversary of Nintendo 64…So since this will be the…

[Editorial] Waiting for No Man’s Sky

Do you think this could be a milestone in gaming or it will be just much ado about nothing? No, you havent’ misread, I’m waiting for No Man’s Sky to be released. It could be a bit strange to hear it from a retro games maniac who stopped his gaming experience with the beginning of…

[Review] Tetris (NES)

REVIEW # 00000000 00011011 If Tetris has taught me anything it is that errors pile up and accomplishment disappear

[Review] Rollcage

REVIEW # 00000000 00011010 …the two-player mode will have you jumping around like a nerd on coke and pop-rocks. (IGN, 1999)

[Awards] Liebster Award 3.0

And here we are again! Another award for I Old Games! this time coming from Load/Error I suggest you to follow. Thanks a lot mate! I’m glad to receive this third award since this blog is still young and is active only from April. I would like to say thanks to all of you but the…