Freshly delivered! – Retro Gamer Issue #154


Finally we made it!

Passion has no limits.

I saw this online one month ago, I made the 1-year subscription and finally I received the first issue! Actually I have to thank for this my cousin who lives in England, since my subscription will start from the June issue…

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  1. pine717 says:

    This magazine somehow always makes it to my local bookstore’s magazine rack (I’m in the US). I’ve never picked it up seeing as its rather expensive, being a UK import. I take it you think its fairly high quality? I am a big fan of Quake so many I can still find this issue.

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    1. benez256 says:

      Hi pine717 and thanks for the reply. Actually I fell in love with this magazine through their website. I was looking on the internet some good site of reviews and opinions about the retro gaming and I stumbled upon Retro Gamer (strange I never found it before…). Unfortunately yes, it’s a bit expensive since it’s an import from the UK and in Italy where I live I cannot find it anywhere so my only chance was to made a subscription. I started reading it today and it seems quite funny and interesting so at the moment I think the idea of buying it was a good one! I checked on their website and they also have a couple of interesting bookazines I should buy one day…

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  2. gl0baladmin says:

    My brother bought Retro Gamer from nearly the first issue and I always sponged a read from him 🙂 I think I liked the early issues the best when it was edited by Martyn Carroll, but still the mag can definitely have some good first-hand interviews that contain some juicy tidbits that aren’t already available on the net. Like already mentioned, it is a pretty expensive import, but it is a good source of info for retro-heads, and probably even more helpful to people just starting to get interested in retro gaming.

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    1. benez256 says:

      100% true. For me is even more expensive since they have to ship it in Italy but I fell in love with RG as i looked at their website. I would like to have all the old issues but they are all out of stock 😦 I just bought some of the bookazine they made about Atari, Commodore etc… during the last flashsale. They were so alluring!


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